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Оригинал взят у falangeoriental в UKRAINIAN NATIONALISM. THIRD POSITION


Dear readers of our portal!
Our humble internet portal has existed only for 10 days. However, over this time we've been able to translate around 15 articles about Ukrainian nationalism. Currently, the main goal for every Ukrainian nationalist is defending his motherland from Russian aggression. However, we do not forget about improving the image of Ukrainian nationalists amongst our western brothers.

Over the last few months, Ukrainians have demonstrated miracles of dedication and heroism. They defeated fear itself and overthrew the corrupt Yanukovych regime, the regime that robbed our people and sold us and our national interests to Moscow and Western imperialists. Nationalists were at the centre of this fight. Can you imagine what it would be like if tomorrow the French people overthrew socialist dictator Hollande? We would all like to believe that it will happen one day. Indeed, in Ukraine something similar happened - and we can be proud of this.

Many European nationalists understand the potential of the national revolution in Ukraine. However, others are not quite aware what is happening in Ukraine. One of the reasons for that is a lack of accurate information in English. By creating this site, we aim to at least partially solve this problem.

Our site is independent. http://un3position.blogspot.com We do not represent any nationalist movement in Ukraine. However, because the most active and most nationalistic position is put forward by Right Sector, we will give the most attention to them.

In the future we plan on not only covering what is currently going on in Ukraine, but also help readers of our site learn more about the history and ideology of the Ukrainian nationalist movement. Ukrainian nationalism has had many interesting thinkers and theorists. Elements of traditionalism and the conservative revolution are an inherent part of Ukrainian nationalism. We hope we'll be able to show western readers these interesting pages of our intellectual history.

In exchange, we ask western brothers to spread information about our site. Our site is new and needs to be promoted. You are free to spread material from our site on social networks, forums, anywhere! Remember that truth is the main weapon of those fighting Against the Modern World!


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