Helgi Avatara (goutsoullac) wrote,
Helgi Avatara

Congress of Right Sector

Оригинал взят у falangeoriental в Congress of Right Sector


"On March 22 was held the congress of Right Sector at which was proclaimed its transformation into the political party. It was also the 27th congress of UNA that adopted the title "Right Sector." Photo report: http://bilozerska.livejournal.com/824068.html Results of the congress:

1. Was approved the statute of the party.
2. Was elected the leadership of the party:
Dmytro Yarosh - head of the party;
Andriy Stempitskyi;
Andriy Tarasenko;
Valeriy Voronov;
Andriy Artemenko;
Mykola Zaviriukha;
Costiantyn Fushtey;
Andriy Biletskyi;
Andriy Denysenko;
Yuriy Shuhevych;
Olexandr Muzychko;
Arseniy Klymachov;
Oleg Odnorozhenko;
Yuriy Surovetskyi.

3. Was taken the decision to participate in elections at all levels;
4. Was supported the candidacy of Dmytro Yarosh for the presidential elections in Ukraine;
5. Was decided to accept the program of election campaign of presidential candidate Dmytro Yarosh as a basis for the program of the party.

The congress was attended by representatives of "Ukrainian National Assembly" (UNA), "Ukrainian National Self-Defense" (UNSO), "Tryzub named after Stepan Bandera," "Social National Assembly," "Patriot of Ukraine," "Solidarity" and members of other right-wing nationalist organizations.

Head of the party Dmytro Yarosh, members of leadership and delegates emphasized that the main objective of Right Sector was and still is protection of Ukraine from internal and external enemies. Party organization is considered as a means of struggle. In this case - the political one" (Yaroslav Babych).

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