Helgi Avatara (goutsoullac) wrote,
Helgi Avatara

Russian Dream of European Rightists

Оригинал взят у falangeoriental в Russian Dream of European Rightists


Russians Orc's
Pressed by liberalism, European rightists wish to believe that an alternative exists not only in their dreams, but in reality. Accordingly, some of them perceive Russia as a white, conservative, nationalist country, the main enemy of the EU and the US, defender of Europe from the new world order. Unfortunately it's just a dream, European population is displaced by Asian peoples in "white" and "nationalist" Russia, many of Russian nationalists, fighters against Kremlin`s policy of multiculturalism are imprisoned now. Putin's "conservativism" - is merely a farce. Russian society is consolidated around the Soviet (not pre-revolutionary, imperial) mythology, people's religious and moral level is measly.


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