October 17th, 2005

Я Африка

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16 октября 2005 г.
В Ивано-Франковске наши активисты приняли участие в торжественном марше памяти 63-ей годовщины со Дня основания армии бессмертных героев - УКРАИНСКОЙ ПОВСТАНЧЕСКОЙ АРМИИ (УПА), на протяжении 16-ти лет ведшей на своей родной земле неравную борьбу с оккупационным комуно-сталинским режимом.

15 октября 2005 г.
Приветствуем ВОССТАНОВИТЕЛЬНЫЙ И ОБЪЕДИНИТЕЛЬНЫЙ СЪЕЗД самой мощной и легендарной политической силы современной Украины
Слава Украине! Смерть врагам!
Я Африка



Oleg B. Gutsulyak
writer, philosopher, culturologist


Words - that the fossils transformed
in flaring the coals by fire of belief.
On them poets sacrifice the most dear for the person - the Ego.

France is there, where in a fine word "freedom" (liberte) -
after idle time - "love" (libe).

" All people - brothers! " Yes, Kain and Avel.

Poets obtaining from bowels of spirit of a word, - miners.
And too perish.

Rescue of Russia - only in comprehension of by a whipping boy.

Speak, that it is necessary to observe parity
in attitudes " reason - things ".
No, time - mind, and is a lot of - a thing!

You are a girl of my hundred dreams.
In hope, that hundred first appears the obvious.

Speak, that the woman selects the man condescending:
whether to his love to her,
whether to the love to him.
But the man selects the woman on lips.
He, as an eternal idealist, correlates secret with obvious.

Prince Igor Rjurikovich going on "poljudje" - the first Russian reketman. Princess Olga - the first " new Russian ".
A history of Russia - continuous criminal " disassemblies ".

Medieval struggle Gvelfs and Gibbelins has given birth
to a wonderful fairy tale about kind elfs and malicious goblins.
Whether will give birth to our time the fairy tale?

Ukraine - the country at edge of life.
It always under threat of a mouth,
but always it supports Spirit Sacred.

Ancient assigned hymns to Magic Lady.
Poet Alexander Blok conjured verses Fine Lady.
But only in the Gospel - glory to True Lady
(" I am the slave yours, My God ").

Caucasus stores the German name even by blood.
Therefore hatred to it of those who has changed
to the name - Russian, Stalin is clear.

For the Ukrainian nationalist Russia is "Titanic".
Therefore prays on each iceberg (Charles ХII, the Reich, the USA).

Russia - Lebiathan which destiny - to begin food on a feast of rithteous persons in day of Coming.

Speaking " I love you ", the young man pays her thus in sacrament.
Rejecting him, she commits sacrilege.

Name of the husband is for the woman her first line of defense,
"just in case". During ten minutes of the first conversation on any business with other the man she erects it.

Speak, that original love, as a rule, it is tragic and taking place,
and turns to a habit (at the best).
But when the love is preceded with a habit to near,
the love becomes lasting and triumph.
In what essence of a precept to love the near.

Black Rada realized a myth about Small Russia.
Central Rada It is - a myth about Ukraine. What myth is realized by the Supreme Rada?

Russian are iones, with their materialism and dialectics.
Ukrainians is eleaths, denying movement
(to merge of the nations, for example).

To leave in marriage for prince, it is necessary to kiss a monster.

Ukraine is a blind stain in an eye of " Russian democracy ".
Because of his(its) existence she(it) becomes violent.

Russ - the widow. But cheerful. Therefore has rejected an islam.

Each iceberg dreams of the "Titanic".

World, speak, caught the philosopher, but has not caught.
What business to the world up to your opinions!

" If the God - everything, a life and the person - anything " (Bakunin). Therefore the person also aspires to the God!

Unless the love is blind? In fact it sees, how through
our world the world ideal appears through.

"True" - i.e. rising from ooze of reasonings, as the Sun.

"Reason" - i.e. " gold section " mind.

Love - an invention. There is only a gleam of life through chaos
real (on - Haidegger). Unless we name defective death?

" Any spirit should become a bird " (Nietzsche).
" Any body - a burdock " (Bazarov).
Any soul - eternity (over. Augustin).

Fishes silent, - are completely not silly.
They simply keep gold of Rhein.

In America there is " a fathers - pilgrims " and
" the fathers - founders ". In Europe - " sacred fathers ",
" the fathers of Church "
and " the fathers - reformers ". In Russia - even " the fathers - Eremites ".
What fatherland in Ukraine?

Russia "... Will pass in the "special" way between
Skylla and Charybdis "

In Soviet Union solved a problem of concurrence of borders
of a camp zone and the state. In the West - concurrence
of borders of language and the world.

Islamic values are Islamic values.
Christian values - universal values!

Christianity does not limit itself to two-dimensional space.
It - " on that party(side) of goods and evil ",
his(its) answer - in " between categoriesspace " - in Love.

At other women a life of "goatian": a fur coat - from small goat, the salary - " as at a goat milk ", nights - with the husband - "goat"...

Our slogan: " Eurasia without Moscow! ". Russia at all Eurasia. It - Asiasia. Asia in a square, on perimeter, radically.

" the Reality of the future - death " (for the pagan).
" The reality of the future - Court " (for judas, the Catholic
and a moslem).
" The reality of the future - apokathastasys " (for orthodox).

" the Purpose of a history - edification " (for Herodot).
" The purpose of a history - requital " (for Mohammed).
" The purpose of a history - Love " (for Augustin Blessed).

" Lenin all in words, as a fish in scales " (M.Gorky).
I.e. - slippery, vile.

In a youth great dictators play about poetry, adults - in dramatic art.

Judaisme is a religion - law.
The islam is a religion - charter.
The christianity is a religion - love.

In Ukraine speak: "You can get anywhere if you know how to use your tongue". I.e. on bow in sacred to Laurels.
In Moskovia language always lead up on katorga,
on an executioner's block.

Intellectual is the one who in the childhood liked to read footnotes.

Russian - "impostors": they " call themselves " for distribution of "civilization": to Ukraine, to Siberia, to the Chechen Republic...

" to not have belief! " - proclaims liberalism. Whether this belief is original totalitarianism?

" the Open society " is not a society of liberalism and democracy, and a society in which accept the world as an openness to the transcendental beginning.

It appears, that the Greek word "come" (= "communism") and latin "fascia" (= "fascism") designate same: "bunch(beam)", "sheaf", "community".

Showed on Vladimir Putin's sliding on a ski in the Austrian Alpes TV.
Pity postmodernist imitation Suvorov's of transition.

That such the person? The crocodile admiring a flower.

Eventually freedom the slogan " has rescued Councils (Soviets) without communists! " Nowadays Eurasia without Moscow can rescue us only "! ".

Person is created on the Image and Similarity. " On the Image ",
i.e. on the Grade, on Advantage. " On Similarity ", i.e. on Freedom, at Will.

At Schopenhauer was a favourite dog - Atma. At Nietzsche" my dog " -
a pain (is wider - fate, amor fati). The modern person (on Eric Fromm)
" our dog " has "person", a mask (everyone and a civilization in general).

" Depth and height ", i.e. " dialectics of archeology and teleology ". "Vertical", axis mundi, " arbor lives ".

For other men "lucky beggar" is before whom the woman speaks: " Schas, lifchik (only I shall take off)... "

Occurrence of writing is not display of progress. The person so degraded (in the memory, for example), that is compelled to address to alien - to signs.

Berlin always was (and will be!) the spiritual native land of the Ukrainian nationalism. But Ukraine is so independent, as well as Latin America from the spiritual native land - Iberia.

In an islam affirms, that it has arisen in desert therefore that each moslem became a lion. But as far as the destiny of a lion is inconsolable! In fact each Christian is Samson.

Christianity is a religion of clearing from slavery given birth free. The islam is a religion of bridling free, given birth by slaves.

Spirit - is not created and not-dead.
The soul - is created, but not-dead.
The flesh - is created and mortal.
Denying ("meon", "nonexistence") does not exist,
though through him the soul and flesh are defined
(determined) spirit. He is resisted only with Becoming (Werden.)

Having calmed down after switching-off of the Chernobyl atomic power station, Europe does not suspect, by what " the ethnic reactor "
to it is started!

During Soviet times the joke about the conflict
on the China-Finnish border caused laughter.
Now it forces to think.