December 16th, 2005

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Jedi meditation

Jedi meditation techniques have been handed down through the ages as a way of gaining insight
and wisdom in the force. There were many different meditation techniques, but most have been
lost to the ravages of time. The following is the first step in the most commonly practiced

Like all force training, the Jedi meditation technique follows a hierarchy of steps: Control,
Sense, and Alter. You must learn control of your own abilities, before you can truly sense
the Force. Once you have mastered sensing the Force surrounding you, you can use the force to
perform actions and alter the events and objects around you.

The basic technique teaches you to control your own mental process, and allows you to focus
your thoughts on one object, thought, or goal, the object of your meditation. This object must
have a clear objective or subjective reality to you, so it is easiest to begin with a physical
object such as a ball or a candle. After you have mastered meditating on physical objects,
you may proceed to mental objects such as mental images or goals. Make sure your mental object
is clearly defined in your mind.

How to start:

Sit in on the floor, or on a cushion, with the spine and neck kept straight . Place your hands
in your lap, palms upward.
Relax your entire body deeply and quickly, using the Calming Breath Technique. After you are
relaxed, regulate your breathing to a calm and peaceful rate.
If you are using a physical object, focus your vision on the object, otherwise close your eyes.
Begin to shut out distractions (noises, etc.), as you focus your attention inward. Try to keep
your thoughts from wandering, shutting out stray thoughts.
Concentrate your thoughts upon the object of your meditation.
Practice these steps until you are able to concentrate on the object without distraction.
Once you have mastered these steps, you should gain a sense of that object through the Force.
Stretch out with your feelings, and perceive the object.
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для tasawwuf_islami

A gift from me, Sufi Abad Abdul Raheem ibnBaki ibnHulusi. If you
cannot read the entire thing please look at the Arabic Kabbalah tables
towards the center of this essay. They are difficult to find
elsewhere. Compare these against, "777."

"La illaha ill Allah." (There is no God, only Allah.)
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The Last Avatar of Light

The Last Avatar of Light
by Michael Carl Musser
And the buzzards slowly dropped from the sky
As the last avatar sank to his knees to die;
Around him, a hundred bodies lay,
His life, a fitting price to pay.

But even with a hundred gone,
The Host would move on at dawn,
And so he drew a ragged breath,
Rose to his feet, and prepared to meet Death.

A step, then two, and then a quickened pace,
Moving faster, even though he was to lose this race;
Blood flowed from his mortal leg wound
While darkness baked at the devil's high noon.

He stumbled toward the glowing Gate;
The way to vent the Host's own immortal hate;
His sword sung and slashed the Gate in two
And then, what was his, came due.

The Host slowly gathered around the shattered gate
And stared at the lone avatar who had meet his fate,
And then, and then they began to laugh
For they would return, long, long after his epitaph.
© 1998 Michael Carl Musser

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The Last Avatar

The Last Avatar

At the End of Times
World is in the darkness -
without Hope, Faith and Love

At the End of Times
New Avatar will come to Earth,
whose might and glory
will be great.

The Last Teacher
of dying world -
the one, who will sweep away
the impious hordes
and will return to people themselves.

The one, who will wash the dirt
with bloody waters
Is the Last Avatar.

To wait for this not long
The Earth is dying,
and even the stones are crying...

© 2004 translation by Veronika & Flora
© 2004 Wolfsblood
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Последний Аватар

В Конце Времен
мир во Мраке -
без Надежды, Веры, Любви

В Конце Времен
на Землю явится новый Аватар,
чья мощь и слава
будет велика

Последний Учитель
погибающего мира -
тот, кто сметет
нечестивые полчища
и вернет людям самих себя

Тот, кто смоет грязь
кровавыми водами -
Последний Аватар

Ждать осталось недолго -
Земля умирает,
и плачут даже камни...

© 2004 Wolfsblood