December 19th, 2005

Я Африка


Saw a rerun of an interesting co-Scandinavian (mostly Swedish) TV-
feature on the bronze age in Scandinavia. Interesting fact: the rock
paintings, mostly of ships etc, are technichally inferior to the
contemporaneous bronze artifacts, and may therefore have been done by
another, sea-oriented people. In other words, possibly th megalith

One other interesting (I think) fact: Megaliths were distribute all
over the West European coast, with three exceptions: Aquitaine (between
the River Garonne and the Pyrenees), Holland and eastern Britain. Now
the Basques are survivors from before the last ice age and must have
been present then. Surprisingly, they must then have lived in
Aquitaine, which is known to have been Basque(oid) speaking in
historical times and nothing beyond that. That leaves Holland and
eastern Britain as 'Old European' holdouts.