December 18th, 2006

Я Африка


Гуцуляк О.Б.
Пошуки Заповітного Царства: Міф - Текст - Реальність
/ Наук.ред. О.М. Пилип’юк. Післямова В. Єшкілєва. — Івано-Франківськ: Місто-НВ, 2007. – 532 с.
ISBN 966-95321-6-6
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Я Африка


Merry Christmas and Happy Yule from Prussian Blue,

We want you all to know how much we appreciate your
support over the last year. Lamb and Lynx are
continuing to play music and are talking about
returning to the recording studio this coming summer.

The new Prussian Blue website and store is up and
running with 28 items for sale from jewelry to
Prussian Blue Tshirts to patriotic and wholesome DVDs
to music cds from various pro White artists. Our store
is secure for credit card orders but we also still
take money orders, cash and personal checks at Po box
1342 Kalispell Montana 59903

Note that you must register at the site in order to
be able to view all the contents of the catalog.

I will make ever effort to mail your purchases out the
same day we receive the order to get them to you in
time for Christmas. If you pay $5 for shipping I can
ship up to 4 cds in one flat rate Priority envelope
within the US . I will also do everything that I can
to keep the costs to a minimum for shipping and only
charge as much as I have to for shipping.

April, Lamb and Lynx