December 27th, 2006

Я Африка



by Constantin von Hoffmeister

The spirit of Thule, the myth of Thule - the Black Sun, the White
race. The Aryan Adonis hailed in secret whispers in closed dark rooms
in basements where dwell the remnants of a once popular sect, now
reviled, banished and, like lepers, sick to their grisly bones. Ready
to bow in front of an altar that has been tarnished with the blood of
millions and millions of their fellow White race crusaders, soldiers
in vain fighting their brothers in pain. Sayeth the soothsayer in
red: "Seen the bloody crusader carousing through a rebellion of
righteous revulsion, rebellious recognition that all that was is what
should be, altered, morphed into a projection of a psyche that - flux
through flux! - has evolved and regressed, advanced and devolved. A
pity the shame brought on the lame! The sickly sent their children to
die in exploits of exploration while at home the elderly ruled.
Tomorrow a repetition will mean disaster, will spell nostalgic doom.
Sails set on ships bound for the outer rims will not glide smoothly
but be hindered by obstacles obstinately created by Thulean
terrorists." And was the soothsayer speaking words of wisdom? Alas,
ey, mate!, the rule!, the book!, we must go by the book! THE book?
Ay! THE book! But THE book has to be rewritten! It has to contain the
pearls AND swine, the glittering and the earthy, the risen and the
fallen. Lucifer spread his wings once, his tail now tucked neatly
into a hidden pocket in his black coat - strolling down the bricked
street, Lucifer (now the devil) wishes well to those who followed his
path of development - from celestial to mundane, from wishing well to
spelling gall. Bitter, forlorn, Lucifer and his Thulean minions now
march into a future that was never theirs, propagating the disturbing
distortions of an inverted heaven: Destruction termed good and
creation termed bad, survival of the lying tops the procreation of
the productive. Where ruleth the mob aristocracy? The soothsayer
sayeth: "In terms of black, white and red, changes have been advised
and executed. The black, as a color always uniformed, has been
transferred to a new post, far outside the bounds of the snowy hills
and the ice-capped mountains of Inverness, to patrol in split-eyed
seconds the villages where dissent might still murmur. The white has
been chosen to be the color not of truce but of regret, and therefore
it has been abandoned altogether. The red is, was and will be the
color of anger boiled to meat torn apart. It stays with us, here and
far ahead." And thus it is and shall be.

Part II

Jaques de Mahieu (veteran of the Waffen-SS Division Charlemagne)
argued that once the Vikings founded a great empire in Latin AmeriKa.
These Vikings were the blonde sun gods that the Aztecs still
hallucinated about centuries later when Hernan Cortes (another sun
god) came to slaughter these skraelings. Ullmann from Silesia first
arrived in the Gulf of Mexico in 967. After conquering the empire of
the Toltecs, he ruled it for twenty years. After Ullmann and his
faithful followers returned from an expedition to the Yucatan (where
he introduced high culture), he found that the White warriors, who
had remained in his empire, had mated with skraeling women. "Little
mestizos" were "the fruits of these couplings." Ullmann was saddened
by this wanton act of mass racial defilement and left Mexico. Ullmann
and his faithful followers then crossed Venezuela, Guatemala and
Colombia. Everywhere they went, they left outposts of Aryan
civilization (rune inscriptions, temples and settlements). After he
reached Peru, Ullmann founded a large empire that reached from
Valparaiso in Chile to Bogota in Colombia. Ullmann's White knights
were surely the founders of the great cultures in Latin AmeriKa.
After the large Viking empire fell (because of a skraeling invasion),
the remaining White knights became the ruling class of the Incas.
Я Африка



Founded upon Gnostic principles, the Temple is open to all sincere seekers of Spiritual Light and Wisdom, those who would discover the light invisible and darkness visible.

Devoted to the spiritual truths found within esoteric traditions, we explore all aspects of Solomonic tradition, Freemasonry, Alchemy, the Templars, Rosicrucians and other Mystical Orders as a means to attaining inner-realisation or 'Gnosis'. We use the metaphor of the building of King Solomon's Temple to unite together in establishing a community of awakened individuals... that each may serve as a Pillar of the Temple. It is in this spirit of spiritual fraternity that the Great Work of the Temple may be undertaken.

Dave & Adele.

Abbey of Thelema, Abramelin the Mage, Albigenses, Alchemy, Aleister Crowley, AMORC, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, Arcane, Archon, Ars Almadel, Arthurian, Astrology, Baphomet, Bardon, Blavatsky, Blue Lodge, Bogomils, Builders of the Adytum (BOTA), Cathars, Celtic Culdee Church, Ceremonial Magic, Chivalry, Christian Rosenkreutz, Craft, Crusades, Jacques DeMolay, Dervishes, Dion Fortune, Druidism, East, Eliphas Levi, Emerald Tablet, Enlightenment, Enochian, Esoteric Christianity, Evocation, Fourth Way, Freemasonry, Goat Riders, Goetia, Golden Dawn, Grail, Grimoire, Grimorium Verum, Gurdjieff, Hermes, Hiram Abiff, Hermes Trismegestus, Hermetic, Hospitallers, Idries Shah, Illuminati, Illumination, Initiation, Invocation, Jesuits, Key of Solomon, Knight Templar, Lemegeton, Lilith, Lucifer, Memphis-Mizraim, Native Paths, Occultism, Ophite, Order of St John, Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), Paganism, Paul Foster Case, Philosopher's Stone, Philosophy, Pillar, Qabalah, Quest, Rennes Le Chateau, Ritual Magic, Rose-Cross, Rose-Croix, Rosicrucian, Rosslyn Chapel, Royal Arch, Secret Doctrine, SOL, Solomon, Sophia, Spirituality, Square & Compass, Sufi, Tarot, Temple, Theosophy, Troubadour, Tubal Cain, Waldenses, Winding Stair, Wicca, Wisdom, Witchcraft, York Rite.
Я Африка



“La `Nvidia”, 4 tracks, 12"LP, 2004 (Neuropa Records [NRP08))

Динамичный, неистовый, ослепительный martial/neo-classical проект Der Feuerkreiner в своё время запомнился многим ценителям европейской неоконсервативной сцены своим участием в прославленной CD/double LP-компиляции “Wir rufen deine Wolfe” (инициатива Кадмона (Allerseelen) и его лейбла Aorta), в основу которой было положено языческое по духу стихотворение Фридриха Хильшера – немецкого философа, поэта и романтика-националиста, имевшего самое непосредственное отношение к самой знаменитой научно-исследовательской организации Рейха, вошедшей в историю как «Наследие Предков». Лейбл Neuropa Records, где издавались работы таких известных «право-индустриальных» и дарк/нео-фолк исполнителей как Materialschlacht, Toroidh, Westwind, Stahlwerk 9, Un Defi d’Honneur (сайд-проект Peter-а Savelkoul-а (A Challenge Of Honour)), выпустил mini-LP Der Feuerkreiner “La `Nvidia” (зелёный и чёрный виниловые диски) с четырьмя треками. Отменное оформление, рассчитанное на эстетов-коллекционеров и знатоков, и замечательное, отличнейшего «качества», наполнение. Ещё один ностальгический экскурс в «великую и страшную» эпоху!
Итак, первая сторона диска начинается с бодрой маршевой неоклассической пьесы “Tanz”, близкой по настроению, хотя и звучащей гораздо резче и жёстче, итальянским мастерам мистериального неосредневекового саунда Camerata Mediolanense. Следующий трек “Mondendinge part I” выделяется «атмосферным», достигаемым за счёт клавишных и чарующих женских вокалов, звучанием и профессионально «зрелой» композицией.
Заглавная пьеса “La `Nvidia”, открывающая вторую сторону, является смелой и небезуспешной (что следует отметить особо) аранжировкой народной песни. Прелюдия, отчасти сравнимая с «фронтовыми медитациями» австрийцев Der Blutharsch, постепенно разворачивается в энергичное, пронизанное огненным атакующим ритмом, полотно. И завершает диск “Mondendinge part II” – не менее мощный, воинственный трек с клавишными и перкуссией.
Der Feuerkreiner – достойный пример того, как можно преодолеть строгие рамки стиля, при этом органично пребывая в них. Кроме того, это ещё и превосходный релиз, достойный наивысших оценок!


Подготовлено А. И.
Я Африка

«РУССКОГО ОБЩЕСТВА ГОБИНО» 08 января 2007 года по адресу: Самокатная улица дом 2А стр.1 (в помещении кафе «Татиана»); проезд: м.«Площадь Ильича»
состоится презентация

Русское Общество Гобино ставит своей целью всемерное поощрение расологических исследований в России. На презентации Общества будут представлены ряд изданий по расовой проблематике.
Ведущий вечера – Сергей Яшин
Начало в 19-00.
вход свободный
Я Африка



1. What is the Parzival Order
It consists of the “Parzival” band and an international group of artists who share similar views and values.

2.Nature of Parzival
Discipline, determination, spiritual force to create the worlds of its own. Art is the ultimate moral weapon against the nature of chaos and degradation.

3. What does “Parzival” perform
Hermetic marches and hymns.

Tradition is to be treasured and protected, we do not feel limited or bound by it.

For us Parzival is a central-axe, which doesn’t exist in the life of modern people.
Recent generations don’t have such center and therefore humanity is doomed: they neglect centuries of accumulated knowledge of Spirit and Light, eternal measure of ideas and beings; heroic battle against dark gravitational Force and straggle for ultimate Liberation from the restrains of Concentration Universe.
Through the music and art of Parzival we are doing what nobody else does, standing for something nobody else stands for: resisting the Absolute Power accepted by the conquered majority.
This issue is mostly metaphysical and anthological. But these metaphysical depths are inseparable from reality, contrary to the believes of those seeking excuses for their obedience to immanent might of the Dark Force.
Therefore this confrontation involves all the spheres of reality: from the spiritual where a new battle is raging between Devine Forces and the army of Hell to the lowest levels of our existence: cultural, social, political and even domestic.
Our philosophy is not shared by many. Parzival totally rejects the Apocalyptical Kingdom of today while strongly upholding the alternative existence of Tradition, Poles and Genesis.
Since the foundation of Parzival we have done a great amount of cultural and ideological work reflected in Parzival’s music and art.
We can mention some of the ways we believe oppose the Chaos of modern existence: Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Suffism, traditionalism, national idea, socialism (as opposed to capitalism).
Parzival Order is the Elite of a non-existent Continent, Rulers of an invisible State. Parzival is a potential circular aggression which is soon to become real.
Я Африка


Music (only the best!)

Aryan - Prayer for the Dying
Aryan - Green Fields of France
Aryan - Where The Iron Eagles Fly
Blue Eyed Devils - The Final Solution
Blue Eyed Devils - Walk In Shame
Bound For Glory - Dresden
Bound For Glory - Hate Train Rolling
Break the Sword - In The Shadows
Brigada De Asalt - Capitanul
Brigada De Asalt - Intro
Brigada De Asalt - O Romanie Nationalista
Brigada De Asalt - Tara Noastra
Brigada De Asalt - Tricolorul Romanesc
Brutal Attack - Sacrifice
Brutal Attack - You Deceived Me (part 2)
Day Of The Sword - Intro/Casualties
Day Of The Sword - Cops '94
Day Of The Sword - White Supremacy
Endlцser - Endlцser
Endlцser - Verrдter
Final War - Glory Unending
Final War - Race Land
Final War - Tales of Honor
Final War - We Speak The Truth
Fyrdung - Corneliu Codreanu
Grinded Nig - Hatred In My Heart (Remix)
Hanzel Und Gretyl - Third Reich From The Sun
Hate Society - National Socialism
Hate Society - RaHoWa
Johnny Rebel - Looking For A Handout
Johnny Rebel - Nigger Hatin' Me
Johnny Rebel - Niggers Suck!
Landser - Afrika fьr Affen
Landser - Aryan Child
Landser - Bomben auf Israel
Landser - Freedom
Landser - Ian Stuart
Landser - Klansong
Landser - Mьller, Meyer, Icke
Max Resist - Flight Jackets & Doc Martins
Max Resist - Traitors Beware
No Remorse - Race War
Prussian Blue - Gone with the BreezePrussian Blue - I will Bleed for you
Prussian Blue - The Stranger
Prussian Blue - Your Daddy
Prussian Blue - When I'm With You
Racist Redneck Rebels - Droppin' The Kids Off In Harlem
Racist Redneck Rebels - Pederast Priest
Skrewdriver - Blood and Honor
Skrewdriver - Hail Victory
Skrewdriver - Slay The Beast
Skrewdriver - The Snow Fell
Sniper - Punishment Must Fit The Crime
Spirit of 88 - White Power Skinheads
Spirit of 88 feat Spreegeschwader - Ignoranten
Symphony Of Sorrow - Blood Destiny
Symphony Of Sorrow - For The Love Of Life
Symphony Of Sorrow - Forward