May 20th, 2007

Я Африка


Most people when confronted with the question of acting on their supposed beliefs will do one of two things: first, they will criticize anyone who takes action as not doing enough; second, they will claim nothing can be done. This document points of the errors of psychology that keep them misinformed, and gives the anti-modern-society activist a starting point to do something effective instead of symbolic. Its ultimate goal is to teach a new form of activism that will remake modern society into something which rewards inner abilities instead of external ones. That process will restore nobility and sensitivity in perception to the human race, abilities which will help us avoid quandaries like our current mess, which cannot be linearly "proven" to be wrong but when considered by a noble and sensitive mind is clearly a dead-end path that, no matter how long it takes, will end in disaster (much as our current society is, after hundreds of years, finally showing its true and malicious colors).


The first barrier to activism is that most people are lying about their motivations and capacities. Modern society has conditioned us to live through social appearance, as that is how we market ourselves, and thus to invent all forms of clever justifications for inactivity. People have inertia. They like to sit on their asses and do nothing, but to preserve their self-image, they need to justify this inaction. We can see this in the two cases illustrated above:

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