October 17th, 2007

Я Африка


"Будущее создаеся тобой, но не для тебя" (Зурзмансор, ~ братья Стругацкие, "Гадкие лебеди")
Я Африка


Сайт автора "Гравилет "Цесаревич", - http://rusf.ru/rybakov.

Он же - ван Зайчик ("Евразийская симфония"), создатель Ордуси, и известный учёный-китаевед, специалист по эпохе Тан Вячеслав Рыбаков.

Он же - лауреат премии "Исламский прорыв" (за роман Дело непогашенной луны"), лауреат Госпремии РСФСР за фильм "Письма мертвого человека" (вместе с режиссером К. Лопушанским).
Я Африка

Открытое письмо фюрера американских наци членам Партии

Open Letter to Members of the Party:

NSM Party Comrades,

I am addressing this publically, but it is directed at active Party members. When I first joined the NSM I knew it would be something I would stick with the rest of my life, it was not a club, a gang, or some fleeting thrill for the moment, it was a commitment to a way of life, and a direct link to many of our Forefathers who fought for Blood and Soil. Fellow Party members, most of you have taken the Oath of Loyalty to the Party, and those that have not yet taken your Oath, as read in the membership handbook, are expected to do so as soon as possible. It is a commitment, and proves your serious about helping us to bring about changes in our Nation. It also creates a Solidarity, and Kinship with your fellow Brothers and Sisters in our struggle.

In this modern day materialistic Society to some an Oath, or pledge of Loyalty means nothing. For those of us that live by the Old Ways, breaking an Oath defiles your Honor, and leaves you with nothing but an empty shell that once held your life force. If a man can not stay true to his Oath, then he is no man but rather a castrated maggot devoid of any trace of purity or an Aryan Soul. Your Oath also holds you to the battlefield, until this fight for our Race and Nation has been won. I often reflect about so-called Comrades that have abandoned their Oaths to the Party, and I wonder how they can live with themselves, as the rest of us face such a large scale enemy in Zog, and they give up without a fight, or before the fight is finished. We at Party HQ always hear a multitude of excuses from the Oath breakers, sometimes their reasons are based in serious issues (still there is no reason serious enough to break your Oath), but more often than not it is trivial matters, such as personal problems with another member, so and so had their feelings hurt, or this or that person was not thanked enough for their work, or did not get promoted, or did not like a certain rule in the chain of command, or Religion, or insert excuse here ____. These same Oath breakers often claim to take great pride in the 3rd Reich, and CLAIM they are National Socialists. Truth be known, had they lived during the 3rd Reich and broke their Party Oaths there, especially in the war years, they might have met the hanging Judge Roland Freisler, and be dangling from piano wire!

It comes down to this Comrades, and prospective Party members. If you are not serious about our Party leave now. I am opening the door now for any current member to leave, with their Oath in tact. I want to shake out any of the uncommitted, non-serious members right now, considering they are not needed as we move forward to the frontlines. To the Prospects and Probate NSM members, this message is for you also. If you are not in this fight with us to the bitter end, now would be the time to walk away. Furthermore, the NSM does not operate as a Democracy, your pledge of Loyalty is to the Party and its Leadership. Honor you Oath, and your Pledge of Loyalty to the Party, or get out of our Ranks now while you still can! To the rest of you, the Party Faithfull, the Warrior Archetype's, you men and women forged in Iron and steel ready to stand against the zionist hordes, and their beloved illegal slave laborers. Your Party Salutes and Honor's you! Providence has already promised us Victory in our fight, and your Ancestors march alongside of you. In spirit, the men who fought at Valley Forge stand along side of us, as do the brave men of the Alamo, as do the thousands that perished on the Eastern Front fighting Communism, and every other meaningfull battle where our Racial Kinfolk have sacrificed their lives.

Let those who abandon us, and break their Oaths, run away quickly with their tales between their legs. If they can live with that shame and dishonor, so be it. For the rest of us, Duty calls!

New Stormtroops and Party members gave their Oaths to the Party at the successfull Missouri October Fest this weekend, more details and full report coming soon from NSM/MO. Check out some pictures now at:

and the Fire Ceremony here:

Next public event: NSM Town Hall Forum in the Milwaukee area. Be there!


Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."
National Socialist Movement www.nsm88.org