October 19th, 2007

Я Африка

Strange light phenomena near the Antipodes Islands

Multi-coloured orbs seen off the coast of islands south of New Zealand
By Alistair Strachan

Shayne Kaschl has contacted us with these images of light phenomena he has noticed on satellite shots of Antipodes Islands' coast. I would suggest from the multi-coloured hues that some kind of refraction is going on, but would be interested to hear readers' views.

Here's what Shayne has to say:

"I just wanted to share this strange phenomena of thousands of multicoloured lights off the coast of the Antipodes Islands that appear to be under water. Hopefully someone may be able to explain. Attached are some screenshots, you may verify for yourself by going to the wiki entry for Antipodes Islands (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antipodes_Islands)

- click on either set of co-ordinates

- take your choice of google map interface

- zoom in to highest resolution and focus on W to WNW coastline.

There are thousands of coloured lights. Some of these lights by scale (e.g., bright green on 4th screenshot) are 10m. This phenomena is focused around Antipodes. There are some less concentrated occurrences around Auckland and Chatham but these images seem to be nowhere else on google maps. So far I've personally confirmed no replication on the coastlines of Australia, SE Asia, Indian Ocean, Africa, South America, Mediterranean, Adriatic or Europe from south up to Scandinavia.

I have had five people check as well, they are still unable to replicate this anywhere else in the world on google maps either.

I'm more interested in any reasons this type of image would occur and avoiding speculation at the moment.

Based on the magnitude, shape, colours and sizes of the lights, I can't explain away as phosphorescent algae or fish. If it is some kind of glitch in imagery (superimposition, etc) it seems too localised and definitely begs the question of what is being superimposed. Based on the diffusion of light, they appear to be under the ocean surface. Reflection and/or refraction of light on the water surface does not account for the images. If it is a hoax, I have yet to see any reference to it on the web. In fact, there are zero references to be found for this using google, yahoo or alta vista search engines.

Myself and five others have been looking into this for a week and we are stymied. We can offer no explanation and even the most skeptical of us has to admit it is unexplained."
Я Африка

Corbin on the Aryan-Sufic Hyperborean Paradise, the Midnight Sun and the Grail

From Henry Corbin, Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth (trans. Nancy
Pearson, Princeton University Press, 1989, pps. 71-72).

"...That is why the progression, which this mode of thought makes it
possible for us to conceive, is not a horizontal linear evolution,
but an ascent from cycle to cycle, from one octave to a higher
octave. A few pages from the same Shaikh, which have been translated
here, illustrate this. The spiritual history of humanity since Adam
is the cycle of prophecy following the cycle of cosmogony; but though
the former follows in the train of the latter, it is in the nature of
a reversion, a return and reascent to the pleroma. This has a gnostic
flavor to be sure, but that is exactly what it means to 'see things
in Hurqalya.' It means to see man and his world essentially in a
vertical direction. The Orient-origin, which orients and magnetizes
the return and reascent, is the celestial pole, the cosmic North,
the 'emerald rock' at the summit of the cosmic mountain of Qaf, in
the very place where the world of Hurqalya begins; so it is not a
region situated East on the maps, not even those old maps that place
the East at the top, in place of the North. The meaning of man and
the meaning of his world are conferred upon them by this polar
dimension, and not by a linear, horizontal and one-dimensional
evolution, that famous 'sense of history' which nowadays has been
taken for granted, even though the terms of reference on which it is
based remain entirely hypothetical.

Moreover, the paradise of Yima in which are preserved the most
beautiful of beings who will repopulate a transfigured world, namely,
the Var that preserves the seed of the resurrection bodies, is
situated in the North. The Earth of Light, the Terra Lucida of
Manicheism, like that of Mazdeism [Zoroastrianism], is also situated
in the direction of the cosmic North. In the same way, according to
the mystic Abd al-Karim Jili, the 'earth of the souls' is a region in
the far North, the only one not to have been affected by the
consequences of the fall of Adam. It is the abode of the 'men of the
Invisible,' ruled by the mysterious prophet Khizr (Khadir). A
characteristic feature is that its light is that of the 'midnight
sun,' since the evening prayer is unknown there, dawn rising before
the sun has set. And here it might be useful to look at all the
symbols that converge toward the paradise of the North, the souls'
Earth of Light and castle of the Grail...."