October 20th, 2007

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Вышла книга президента Интернационала Новых Правых

Troy Southgate: Tradition & Revolution (Pre-Order) Ђ20.00

Binding: Softcover, approximately 330 pages
Publisher: Integral Tradition (2007)
Language: English

Short Description
This book will be published in November 2007. It is ITP's second publication. The first print run will be of 200 copies. By pre-ordering this book you save 4 Euro.


Troy Southgate, formerly a leading member of the National Revolutionary Movement and currently one of the main exponent of the European New Right, has over the last two decades produced a large number of articles, essays and poems. This book is a selection of the best of these. It presents revolutionary ideas which, while transcending the conventional left-right dichotomy, propagate the abandonment of modern society and its all-pervasive decadence to set up autonomous, anti-establishment communities; it discusses metaphysical and spiritual issues from a Traditionalist and Wodenist perspective; it gives practical advice on the benefits of home schooling; it deals with everything from the struggle of the Revolutionary Conservative movement in WWII Germany to the Islamic Revolution in Iran; and contains a critique of modern life in the form of excellent, and at times humorous, poetry.

Tradition & Revolution also contains Troy Southgate’s famous essay, Militant Imperium: A Chapter-by-Chapter Summary of Julius Evola's 'Men Among the Ruins'.

All in all, this book will have something of interest to every man of a revolutionary disposition.

“This man is an artist, a poet and a musician, a father and a relentless idealist … Troy Southgate’s work as presented speaks for itself here, but what is extraordinary about it is that it is as complex as it is clear and transparent … As a driving force within the English New Right, Troy Southgate has clearly shown that he is indeed interested in broader alliances between leading men, … not within a purely conservative and outdated Right of yesteryear …, but of the Right understood as the real and contemporary opposition with alternatives to the egalitarian ideas that pervade the current dominating political systems of the world.” – Tord Morsund, from the Introduction.

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Я Африка

Письмо от фюрера американских наци

Party Comrades,

Today is a good day for all of us in the National Socialist Movement. We have purged our Ranks of defeatism, the disloyal, and the half hearted. The Party is once again an Iron Fist, bound and determined to see the fight through to the end. One could say that we are filling old holes with cement, solidifying our base, and moving forward.

As of today, Oct. 20th, we are promoting 2 Leaders into the National Office, Master Sgt. Johnson of NSM Radio to Director of NSM Media and Audio/Video Dept. his assistants will include Shawn Hughes of NSM AZ, and Cpl. Randy B. of NSM WI. New Contact for NSM Audio/Video Dept. is as follows: nsm_wi_hq@yahoo.com

The new Leader of the NSM Viking Youth will be Sgt. Christina Drake: Contact: nsm88_vikingyouth@yahoo.com

Both of the above Leaders have proven themselves to be committed Party members and have served our Party with Honor and Integrity. Join me in welcoming them to their new posts in our Party.

While we have seen some weak people falter, and in some cases running directly into the enemy camp, be it the ADL, or a fake NS group ran by a communist, the strong and committed stay grounded and bound by their Oaths, and Honor to our Party. On behalf of the entire National Socialist Movement and our affiliates Worldwide, I Salute all of you with the Iron resolve, discipline, and fortitude to keep fighting forward no matter what. You are true National Socialists, and it humbles me to serve every minute I can with you. You people will be the hero's our Ancestors speak of generations from now.

The Battle Rages on, see you on the frontlines. 88

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."
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