February 8th, 2008

Я Африка

To Know the Truth

"I hung one nationalist upside down and burned him on a slow fire; I cut pieces of flesh out of him... and he, the viper, died shouting "Glory to Ukraine!" What a viper! How many of them I tortured to death..." These are the words of one student in the Higher Communist party school in Moscow, recorded by Oleksander Dovzhenko in his journal ("Iskusstvo kino", 1989, No 9, p. 48)

This unknown Ukrainian patriot who died under tortures, murdered by the Moscow butchers is a symbol of entire Western Ukraine in the claws of communist empire during the 1940s and 1950s. One of the heroes of the people's Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), fought against the forces of Red Army and Polysh army. 57,405 UPA soldiers were killed, 50,387 taken prisoner, and 15,990 surrendered - a total of 123,782 persons.
Я Африка

Иса - дух Божий

В Иране снят фильм об Исе (мир ему) с точки зрения Ислама. По словам его режисера Надира Талебзаде, єто первый художественный фильм с исламским взглядом на Иисуса Христа и попытка показать общее между мусульманами и христианами. По его мнению, фильм "Иисус - дух Божий" - это исламский ответ западному продукту Мэла Гибсона "Страсти Христовы", который он назвал восхитительным. но не правдивым.