February 11th, 2008

Я Африка

Константин Хоффмейстер обо мне

Thule Sarmatia
Below is the introduction of a Ukrainian organization. They support the White race AND the Nation of Aztlan. They reject national chauvinism. According to them, Kosovo is not Serbia. It is part of Greater Albania. Albanians are Paleo-Indo-Europeans (Illyrians) who must be respected. Of course, they also believe that Ukrainians are true Aryans while Russians are semi-bastardized half-Mongols. The group's founder, Oleg Ansar Gutsulyak, says that "there is no Russian Unity. Only Ukrainians are keepers of a Primordial Aryan Ancestral Home (Aratta/Aryavarta)." He argues that Russians are "wild Asian Ugro-Finns." Russians speaking a Slavic language is similar to cannibal Aborigines in Australia speaking English.



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