May 12th, 2013

Всегда готов!

Колесу 300 000 000 лет.Загадки цивилизации.Архелогические находки, которым нет объяснения.

Если предположить, что каждые 300 лет все живое с поверхности Земли сносится (Кунгуров), следы цивилизации разрушаются (Кадышанский), а места присутствии цивилизаций засыпаются 1,5-2-метровым слоем песка, затем Земля заселяется новым составом игроков (Диджитал Ангел). То ничего удивительного в том нет. На вскидку предположим, что засыпают 2 метровым слоем песка метровый культурный слой, тогда 900 метров - это всего 300 версий игры и 90000 лет. Не так и много. ;)

Оригинал взят у vseneobichnoe в Колесу 300 000 000 лет.Загадки цивилизации.Архелогические находки, которым нет объяснения.

Я в прошлом году писал пару постов на тему: Загадки цивилизации.Архелогические находки, которым нет объяснения.
ТУТ...... и  ТУТ......

Тогда мы с Вами бродили и собирали цветочки и ягодки,на поляне фактов об артефактах!
Сегодня добавим в наше лукошко еще одну находку.

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Саша Грей

Ольга Васильева: Разные планеты

Оригинал взят у zapys в Ольга Васильева: Разные планеты

Как-то и где-то я ухватила чудесную мысль о том, что в 18 лет почти все люди - одинаковые, поэтому сходиться достаточно легко. А вот в 30 намного сложнее, потому что у каждого своя личная история и археология, и свой ландшафт - почти уникальный, и очень сложно подобрать к нему кого-то подходящего.

И вот в какой-то момент - если возникает трещина - острые углы, бывает, уже невозможно сгладить. Никак. Ни наработанным кредитом былых лет, ни хорошим до этого отношением. Просто очень сильно меняется ландшафт. У кого-то терраформирование, у кого-то - сдвиг по тектоническим плитам. Да, господи, атмосфера меняется. У тебя на планете метан, а у них там - азот. В общем, когда ты это понимаешь, то и понимаешь, что, скорее всего, единственная возможность - это расходиться.
Саша Грей

The Garden of Eden / Эдем

Оригинал взят у zapys в The Garden of Eden / Эдем

The Garden of Eden is described in the Book of Genesis as a tropical paradise that was lost to mankind around 4000 BCE. But did this mythical garden ever really exist?

The Old Testament said that "Four rivers passed through Eden," known as Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and the great Euphrates. Two of these rivers can be found in the Middle East (Tigris & Euphrates), but the other two have never been located with any credibility… that is, until now.

Compelling satellite imagery has found two fossil rivers that were active in the Mesolithic. Could these dry river beds have been the fabled Pishon & Gihon. If so, then that would place Eden where the four rivers converged (see map). Between 12,500 - 7000 BCE, this would have been a highly fertile valley full of lush vegetation.

This predates the biblical timeline by 3000 yrs, suggesting that the roots of this myth may go back as far as the Mesolithic. This was a time of great transition where man abandoned his hunter gatherer lifestyle, adopting agriculture as a means of controlling his environment.

So where is the Garden of Eden today? Most likely under 200 ft of salt water. At around 6000 BCE, man was forced to leave this fertile valley as the sea levels rose, submerging the once mythical paradise.

Yet it's legend still endures today, of a serpent, a powerful God and the temptation of forbidden fruit. If Eden was a real place, then is it possible that so too was the legend?
Саша Грей


Оригинал взят у zapys в Stonehenge

Stonehenge was an actively worshiped for 1,500 years - yet for half this time the stone circle took on many other guises. It started out as nothing more than a forest clearing; but by 3000 BCE, something profound inspired the minds of our ancestors to worship this open prairie.

1. CAUSEWAY: our ancestors marked out this sacred land by carving a circle of earth around it. It was as if to say, ‘this ground is hallowed and should be set apart from its natural surroundings.’ These earth enclosures were called 'causeways' and are found all around Europe.

2. WOOD-HENGE: tribes began to erect timber posts around the Causeway, turning it from a two dimensional feature into a three dimensional shrine, dominating the landscape. This wooden henge was a highly ritualised site, where there is evidence of mass cremations (whether for burial or sacrifice, we can no longer tell).

3. STONE-CIRCLE: The timber was removed, making way for a circle of blue-stones (which had travelled 200 miles from Wales). Such a feat suggests they were greatly revered by our ancestors. Perhaps they believed the rocks possessed ‘Numen’ (a spiritual energy).

4. STONE-HENGE: A horseshoe of sarsen stones were erected in the causeway - the blue-stones now arranged among them. This megalithic temple now took on a more significant role, its trillionths mapping out the heavens, and the blue-stones radiating a 'divine force'.

In the Human Odyssey, I’ll set out to explain why our ancestors chose this earth feature as a sacred ground, what rituals were really conducted in the wooden henge, and reveal the secret behind the great stones of Britain.
Саша Грей

Nebra sky Disk

Оригинал взят у zapys в Nebra sky Disk

The 'Nebra sky Disk' was an ancient star map discovered in East Germany at the turn of the 21st century.

Prior to this discovery, the people of Bronze-Age Europe were seen as savage and uncivilised, but the sky disk turned this concept on its head. The star map was constructed at around 1600BC, predating Egyptian and Mesopotamian astronomy by hundreds of years, making it the oldest navigating tool in history.

Mapping the heavens was nothing new to our ancient ancestors. They recorded the motion of our sun's annual cycle thousands of years before, using monuments like Stonehenge.

What makes the Nebra Sky-Disk so extraordinary is that it was the first ever portable navigating system. This astral chart allowed Neolithic man to determine when a religious ceremony was due, how to navigate the seas, or when to harvest his crops.

However, there still remain many mysteries contained within the chart. For example, no one can explain what all the heavenly bodies on the disk represent, or why the Pleiades system was so important.

In my short stories, I'll offer a secret revelation hidden within the ciphers of the sky disk. This was not just a chart of heavenly cycles - the disk may well have been a map, pointing to a profound cosmic event.