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On Sept. 6th 2006, we (the National Socialist Movement) have formally announced the Worldwide reformation of the World Union of National Socialists, also known as W.U.N.S.

W.U.N.S. was originally formed in 1962 by Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, and was formalized by the Cotswold Agreement signed in Great Britain by Commander Rockwell and the British NSM Leader Colin Jordan. This reformation of W.U.N.S. will not be a new group, but rather a reincarnation of the original W.U.N.S. founded by Commander Rockwell. We will Honor the original Cotswold Agreement.

All groups participating within W.U.N.S. will remain Sovereign and National Identity retained within their own groups. No Organization will compromise their own individuality within this formation. W.U.N.S. will consist of many different NS and NS related groups, many of which will vary greatly in tactics, but all will have the same end goal, a National Socialist State within our various Homelands.

The purpose of the Reformation of W.U.N.S. is simple, we intend to bring together all National Socialist groups Worldwide together within W.U.N.S. as an International bulwark against International jewry, and all other enemies of our collective Cultures.

We have already began this Historical formation by starting talks about W.U.N.S. with European National Socialists, and nearly everyone is in agreement that it is time for W.U.N.S. to Rise once again from the Ashes. As of Sept. 6th, 2006, National Socialists Worldwide will have to wait no longer, W.U.N.S. is Rising!

The World Union of National Socialists is open to all Honorable National Socialist Groups Worldwide, and membership costs nothing. The NSM will be hosting the website, and will build it. All groups signing on must agree to the Cotswold agreement of 1962, and will actively work together in unison to achieve our ultimate goals of National Socialism.

To be apart of the World Union of National Socialists, contact the NSM today. ALL participating groups will be linked from the new World Union of National Socialists website which will soon be located at www.nationalsocialist.net

Together with this Unified Worldwide Front, National Socialism will be Victorious, and unstoppable. We must not, and will not fail!

Commander Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement www.nsm88.com
E-mail: nsmcommander@hotmail.com
N.S.M. HQ P.O. Box 580669 Minneapolis, MN. 55458 U.S.A.

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