Helgi Avatara (goutsoullac) wrote,
Helgi Avatara


Moscow, June 2006

First Announcement

In the name of the SYNERGIES EUROPEENES and the Russian magazine ATHENAEUM, we invite our colleagues to participate in the International Conference THE WHITE WORLD IN THE XXI CENTURY that will be held in Moscow in June 2006. This project, proposed by Mr. Guillaume Faye, is supported by our organizing committee in Russia. The conference will be devoted to the common roots and interests of our peoples, problems of biopolitics and Europe without NATO. You are welcome to send us your previous application where you should mention: complete name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and the abstract (1-2 pages) of your proposed report. Later, you may send us and the full text that must be politically correct and not too long (from 5 to 7 pages). All participants will have to pay for themselves for the trip and their stay in Russia, as well as a little fee for organizational matters. After having received your first application, we will give you more detailed information.

President of the Synergies Europeennes in Russia: Anatoly Ivanov

THE ATHENAEUM?s editor-in-chief,
Vice-President of the Synergies Europeennes in Russia : Dr. Pavel Tulaev,

Vice-President of the Synergies Europeennes in Russia: Vladimir Avdejev

Address: Pavel Tulaev, P.O.Box 11, 109462, Moscow, Russia.
Tel. (095) 178-13-01.
E-mail: ateney@yandex.ru

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