Helgi Avatara (goutsoullac) wrote,
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Globus - Europa

Оригинал взят у fox_talleyrand в Globus - Europa
Интересный текст, с учётом недавних событий. Как бы песенку с перепугу не запретили :)

From Agincourt to Waterloo,
Poitiers and then Anjou,
The Roses War, the Hundred Years,
Trough battlefields of blood and tears.

From Bosworth Field to Pointe Du Hoc,
Stalingrad and the siege of York,
The bloody turf of Gallipoli,
Had no efect on the killing spree.

Bannockburn to Austerlitz,
The fall of France and the German Blitz,
The cruelest of atrocities
Europa's blood is born of these.

Heaven help in all our battles,
Heaven see love,
Heaven help us!

Bolshevisks and feudal lords,
From chivalry to civil wars,
Fascist rule and genocide,
Now we face the rising tide -

Of new crusades, religious wars,
Insurgents imported to our shores,
The western world, gripped in fear -
The mother of all battles here!

Heaven help in all our battles,
Heaven see love,
Heaven help us!
Avant hier, avons etre
Deja demain (nous) sommes eclairee!

All glory, all honor,
Victory is upon us -
Our Savior, fight evil,
Send armies to defend us!

Empires built, and nations burned,
Mass graves remain unturned,
Descendants of the dispossessed
Return with bombs strapped to their chests.

There's hate for life, and death in hate,
Emerging from a new caliphate,
The victors of this war on fear -
Will rule for the next thousand years.

All glory, all honor,
Victory is upon us,
Our Savior, fight evil
Send armies to defend us!

Europa, Europa,
Find better days before us.
In kindness, in spirit,
Lead us to a grater calling!

Leningrad, Berlin wall,
March on Rome, Byzantium's fall,
Lightning war, Dresden nights,
Drop the bomb, end this fight!

Never Again!


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